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Coaches Corner

Drills of the Week

Defending: Pressure and Cover.

3 V 2 Transition Game (Chelsea).

Drills and Skills

  1. Introduction of Soccer and Coaching Points

    • Philosophy, Development, Technique-Touch, Insight, Tactics and System, Player Evaluation, TIPS, Soccer is a simple game, Fun.
    • 10 Things Every Coach Needs To Know.
    • 15 Top Soccer Coaching Tips.
    • Over-Caching.
    • How to teach.
    • Table of Coaching Points.
  2. Tactics

    • What are tactics and their roles.
  3. Game Analysis

    • Observing your own team, Attitude, Fitness, Defending, Attacking.
    • Practical Field Sessions.
  4. Field Illustration and Lessons Plans

  5. Drills

    • Defending, Attacking, Passing Patterns, Penetration, Transition, Counter Attacking, Small Games, Finding Leaders, Striking the Ball.
  6. Drills for little kids

  7. Fitness (summer/winter breaks)

  8. Soccer Websites