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REAL STL MVP – December 2017

Read coaches nomination comments below. Voting ends 12/15.

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December 2017 MVP

Shelly Baclesse – 2008 – Stephanie Fussner

Stephanie played goalie in our recent futsal tournament. It was the first time any of the girls played futsal and Stephanie’s amazing keeper skills ensured the team made it to the finals!

Renato Durante – 2006 – Rylee Rafferty

Rylee is very conscientious when it comes to practice and game time. Since the very beginning, she has shown by her behavior that she is serious about improving as a soccer player. She has a very good attendance record for Real. Rylee’s technique has steadily improved since the start of her training. Very cooperative with her team mates.

Michael Reed – 2006 – Jack Burckhardt

Jack has saved us, literally, on multiple occasions this season. His outstanding performances in goal have kept us in games and allowed us to end the season with some crucial results.

Brian Schumacker – 2003 – Luca Cirami

Luca is an incredible kid and player. He is one of those kids that always has a smile on his face, yet he is one of the fiercest competitors. As a defender, he was one of the top 2 or 3 scorers on the team and is one of the most dangerous players in the entire area with that left footed rifle of a shot. It is a thing of beauty to watch him let that thing fly on a regular basis. He is also a key member of the team’s leadership and is always ready to play. Kudos Luca.

Housni Bennis – 2003/04 – Camila del Cid

Cami is our defensive enforcer – breaking up our opponent’s attacks and starting ours. She is relentless, hard-tackling and never quits. She always has a smile on her face, even when she plays for the full 80 minutes, which she often does.

Dwight Carter Blue – 2006 – Luke Gillard

Luke is our center midfielder and sometimes center back. He is the most dangerous player on the field and creates offensive chances for our team in the middle of the field. He has the ability to transition from offense to defense within seconds to help his team defend. A natural defender, he has taken on this center midfield role like a champ. Did I mention that he does the mile in less than 6 min?

Dwight Carter Blue – 2006 – Brady Klohr

Brady is a utility player that can play any position. Is specialty is defending from the back and creating opportunities for our midfield and strikers. As a midfielder he controls the ball in the middle, as a defender he is a brick wall on the left side of the field. He is our corner kick specialist/secret weapon! He has scored 3 goals during our regular season and 1 goal during a tournament off a corner kick.

Dwight Carter Yellow – 2006 – Ben Sturmon

Ben has become a solid defensive player. In our last tournament Ben won every 50/50 ball  and stopped every offensive player that tried to get near our goal. He was definitely key to our championship win.  He is a disciplined player that knows when to defend and when to take space in the middle to create offensive opportunities for his team. His right foot is lethal and he is a brick wall.

Brendan Kane/Novas – 2004 – Nolan Gera

Nolan is our MVP for November due to his overall improvement this season from previous seasons.  He has done a lot of running on his own time away from soccer to improve endurance and it shows.  Nolan hardly comes out of games now and is the team’s emotional leader.

Canyon DeVille – 2005 – Olivia DeVille

Olivia primarily plays Center Mid, but has been asked to play every position from Keeper to Defender and has done so with nothing but enthusiasm.  She is vocal leader on the team and always encourages her teammates. You can expect her to work hard in every practice and play hard in every game. She has earned the respect of her teammates and her coaches.

Bruce Rudroff – 2003 – Drew Hammett

When Drew Hammett was recommended for our team, he was described as, “One of the nicest kids you will ever meet.” If you spend just a few minutes with him, you will know it couldn’t be more true. He is mature, responsible and conscientious beyond his years. He is the ultimate team player, a pleasure to coach, has an amazing work ethic and gives one hundred percent at all times. He puts his teammates above himself and is willing to cover any field position needed. We are thrilled he joined our team last year and is our November MVP.

Jon Martin – 2004 – Caleb Flanders

Caleb has been part of the defense that has made a great difference in our team.  He is a strong player, a good leader and always plays hard.