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Ikeda U13 Girls - AC Porta Via Premier Cup

The Real STL Ikeda U13 Girls dominated and took the 1st place in the AC Porta Via Premier Cup!​

Real STL Boomer U10 Girls

What a weekend of soccer from a last place finish in our Fall 2013 tournament to 2nd place. Girls won 3 games and lost in the final. Received tremendous compliments from coaches and players alike for our passing style of play and never die attitude.

A memorable experience, congratulations!!

Erika Lloyd

Erika Lloyd has been selected to the ODP program on the 1998 Girls team for the 3rd consecutive year. She loves playing with girls from all over the Midwest with such talent at a high level of soccer and competing at the tournament in Rockford, IL. The experience playing at this level has really paid off in competing with her club team along with her Varsity high school team. Playing with her club team has been a great experience traveling across the country with such talented girls that put in every effort they can to become a top caliber team.

The effort she puts in at every practice along with constantly having a ball on her foot even while at home or watching as much soccer as possible has really helped in her success as a player. She has started Varsity school soccer as a freshman and led the team in scoring. This year as a sophomore she again is leading the team in scoring and has been in the top 50 in scoring for the St. Louis area for the second year in a row. Being voted 1st team all-conference, player of the week in the local newspaper, all-tournament team in the Alton Invitational are just some of the accomplishments she has had due to the hard work and determination she puts into every practice and games.

Her future goals are to play college soccer at a high level, then hopefully be able to join the U.S. Women’s Olympic team, but first she is determined to win the ODP tournament this year, help her school team win State and her club team be successful in every tournament they travel to this year. Two of her favorite quotes come from Mia Hamm “I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down” and “Every single day I wake up and commit myself to becoming a better player”.

Grace Breiten(2)

Grace Breiten, who plays for Novas/Elking U16 team has been selected as a member of the Missouri O.D.P (Olympic Development Program).

I fell in love with the game the moment my parents took me to my first practice at age 3. Since then,  I have been inspired by players such as Tobin Heath, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, because of their speed on and off the ball and their technical abilities. Furthermore, I have been encouraged and taught my several great coaches like Nacho and Lydia. My goals for the future include playing soccer in college and beyond. I have been given several great opportunities for recognition through  ODP and regional hold overs 

Congratulations to Karsen, her family, and her coaches! Real STL is extremely proud!


Pruitt U11 Boys Team - Glen-Ed Tournament Champions







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